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Our expert team have more than 50 years of combined immigration expertise.

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We succeed where others have failed as our success rate is second to none.

We have proudly handled hundreds of immigration cases and our general success rate has been over 98% across all application types, so we are the go-to experts for all matters regarding Irish immigration laws, applications, and procedures.

Our approach to Irish immigration applications:

– Thoroughly evaluate your individual situation to ensure alignment with the necessary requirements.
– Ensure possession of accurate supporting documents to fortify your case.
– Professionally prepare and submit your application on your behalf, maintaining the highest standards.
– Provide regular updates on your application’s progress, keeping you informed about your status.

We cover the following areas- Wexford, Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Carlow, Wicklow, Kerry and Kilkenny

We can speak the following languages - English, Thai, Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi & Pashto




What our clients say

Abbey Blue Legal Ltd is an Irish Immigration Advisor who offers high- quality legal services related to the immigration process in Ireland.

We cover the following areas:- Wexford, Cork, Immigration Dublin, Waterford, Carlow, Wicklow and Kilkenny

We customize our service for your circumstances, and we are always ready to support your immigration problem. If you’re worried about how to apply or how to do the paperwork properly, we are here to help make the process easier.

We have qualified immigration advisers who offer hassle-free immigration services to our clients. As we have several years of experience, we have top-level knowledge which helps us to identify your problem and provide complete guidance.

If you need an immigration practitioner in Ireland, Abbey Blue Legal Ltd is here to help. Situated in Wexford we are here to assist families, skilled workers, businesses and more with their visa queries from across the world.

All of our immigration advisors have a wealth of experience and are trained to offer legitimate visa advice. We offer a unique personalised service where we cater our support to suit your needs and enquiries. You may wish for general immigration advice in a one-to-one session with your own Immigration Practitioner, or require more thorough support with your visa application.

We also offer fast-track services for urgent enquiries. For example, if your visa is due to expire or you have already overstayed your immigration permission, our Immigration Practitioners can fast-track your application and support you immediately with advice.

Abbey Blue Legal Ltd offers you a price promise guarantee and an initial phone consultation while we assess your case. If you need an Immigration Practitioner and you live in Wexford or plan on migrating to the country, let us shoulder the burden of the paperwork.

The Irish Spouse Visa application remains one of the most complicated visa routes with complex eligibility criteria and a long list of requirements. It also has one of the highest visa refusal rates as applicants can be refused for making tedious mistakes.

At Abbey Blue Legal Ltd, we know how crushing a visa refusal can feel. To be denied the chance to live with your loved ones can have a hugely detrimental impact on your mental health, well-being and familial life. Children also suffer when one of their parents is physically unable to be present in their life, and unfortunately having a child with your married partner does not guarantee visa success.

That’s why reuniting family members remains one of our top priorities. We even have specialist Spouse Visa and family Immigration Practitioners to attend to the emotive and high-pressure nature of this type of application.

Our Spouse Visa specialists are also well-versed in all aspects of family immigration law. This means we can advise and guide you towards an approved Spouse Visa application with confidence and utmost professionalism.

By entrusting Abbey Blue Legal Ltd with your Married Partner Visa application, you can protect yourself from a visa refusal and can significantly increase your chance of success.

After holding the time required residency status, you can switch to Irish Citizenship. Your new Irish status will be yours for life and will even grant you new rights in Ireland for you and your family.

Irish citizens are deemed completely free from immigration restrictions and share the same rights as Irish-born citizens. For example, you can apply for an Irish passport and even live abroad without revoking your Irish nationality.

However, the Minister of Justice closely examines each Irish citizenship application it receives. Applicants must prove that they meet a long list of requirements and criteria. Citizenship is not a right that is naturally awarded – you must complete the formal application process.

In addition, there are a variety of Irish citizenship routes such as by descent or ancestry, naturalisation and birth.

At Abbey Blue Legal Ltd, our Immigration Practitioners are well-versed in the Irish Nationality Act and the subsequent Irish citizenship rules. We can help you identify the best route for you and compile a compelling portfolio of supporting evidence to satisfy the Minister of Justice.

We have a firm commitment to assisting people with their citizenship application, no matter how complex their circumstances maybe, as we know just how important it is to be able to call Ireland your official permanent home.

You should apply as a Qualifying Family Member on Form EUTR1 if you are:

  • the spouse or civil partner of an EU citizen
  • a direct descendant (child, grandchild etc.) of an EU citizen or of their spouse or

    civil partner

  • a dependent direct relative in the ascending line (parent, grandparent etc.) of an

    EU citizen or of their spouse or civil partner.

You should apply as a Permitted Family Member on Form EUTR1A if you are not a qualifying family member (as listed above) but you are a de facto partner of an EU citizen or are a member of the family of an EU citizen who is not a qualifying family member and who, in the country from which you have come:

  • is a dependent of the EU citizen
  • is a member of the household of the EU citizen
  • requires the personal care of the EU citizen on the basis of serious health grounds.
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