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Dependent Parent Applications

*Dependent Parent Applications*
At Abbey Blue Legal Ltd we facilitate the possibility for dependent parents to reunite with their family members in Ireland. The eligibility criteria vary based on the origin of each party involved. Whether you aspire to bring your parents to Ireland or are an elderly relative of someone residing in the country, our specialized expertise in Irish immigration can guide you through the available options. We possess the knowledge and experience to adeptly manage the application process, ensuring a seamless and successful family reunion.

*Reach Out to Us*
Connect with us at 083 888 0770 or via email at Our accessibility extends beyond standard Irish office hours, and we offer communication via phone, email, and WhatsApp.

*Facilitating Parental Relocation to Ireland*
The prospect of parents joining their adult children in Ireland is feasible under specific circumstances. Non-EEA/non-Swiss relatives of non-EEA/non-Swiss citizens can avail themselves of the family reunification policy. In this context, the family member residing in Ireland serves as the ‘sponsor.’ To qualify for a dependent parent application, the sponsor must demonstrate an income of at least:
•€60,000 annually after tax for the past three years, if one parent plans to move to Ireland.
•€75,000 annually after tax for the past three years, if both parents intend to relocate to Ireland.
It is imperative to establish the parent’s complete dependency on the sponsor to ensure the success of the application. Upon approval, the dependent parent obtains Stamp 0 permission to reside in Ireland. While this does not grant access to State-funded services, comprehensive medical insurance is mandatory. The sponsor is also responsible for providing accommodation and financial support.
The application process consists of six steps:
1. Application to the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) for permission to join a family member in Ireland.
2. Receipt of a conditional letter of offer from ISD.
3. Application for a Join Family visa (applicable to visa-required countries).
4. Travel to Ireland.
5. Submission of the passport to ISD for stamping (if from a visa-required country).
6. Registration with a local immigration officer.

*Relatives of EEA/Swiss Citizens*
Relatives of EEA/Swiss citizens can unite with their family members in Ireland under EU Treaty Rights, regardless of their origin. Dependent parents or grandparents qualify as qualifying family members. A ‘Residence Card of a Family Member of a Union Citizen’ is required for the dependent parent, along with a long-stay visa (for visa-required countries) prior to entering Ireland.

*Rules for Irish and UK Citizens*
For Irish citizens residing in Ireland, EU Treaty Rights do not apply. Non-EEA/non-Swiss parents require sponsorship from the Irish citizen, with specific income and visa criteria. Following the UK’s exit from the EU, different rules apply to UK citizens.

*Comprehensive Legal Guidance*
As dedicated Irish immigration solicitors, we provide comprehensive guidance on dependent parent applications tailored to your specific circumstances. We understand the paramount importance of reuniting families, especially in later stages of life. If you meet the eligibility criteria, we adeptly manage the application process, employing our expertise to ensure family unity.

Contact us for:
•Confirmation of eligibility for relocation to Ireland.
•Assistance in obtaining a conditional letter of offer.
•Guidance on securing a Join Family visa.
•Application for a residence card under EU Treaty Rights.
•Appealing a rejected application.
•Renewal of Stamp 0 permission.
Connect with us at 083 888 0770 or Our commitment extends beyond regular office hours, and we facilitate communication through phone, email, and WhatsApp.
*Quick Facts about Dependent Parent Applications*
– Irish citizens require immigration permissions for non-EEA parents.
– Stamp 0 permission does not permit employment or State-funded services access.
– Stamp 0 permission’s duration is one year, renewable within Ireland.
– Eligible sponsors include Irish citizens, EEA/Swiss citizens, and others under specified circumstances.
– Sponsor income thresholds apply for dependent parent applications.
For inquiries about bringing parents to Ireland or uniting with an adult child, contact Abbey Blue Legal Ltd
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