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De Facto Partner of an Irish National

 The immigration permission and application system described on this page is based on the Immigration policy for De Facto Partnership Immigration Permission in Ireland published on 19th August, 2019. The Department of Justice reserves the right to amend or suspend this policy at any time.

The information below is intended as a guide only, the policy document ” Immigration policy for De Facto Partnership Immigration Permission in Ireland” outlines all of the relevant criteria for eligibility for this programme.

This Scheme applies to both Visa Required and Non Visa Required nationals (with the exception of a person who has a document called “Residence card of a family member of a Union citizen” as referred to in Article 10 of Directive 2004/38/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004)

You must apply for a visa or preclearance before you travel to Ireland. Do not apply under this Scheme if your intended stay is for less than 3 months.

What does this Scheme allow me to do?

Permission to remain in Ireland as the De Facto Partner of an Irish National allows you to seek employment in the State without the need to obtain a separate work permit, subject to compliance with all other immigration requirements that apply in individual cases.

The duration of the permission initially granted to you will be for 1-year subject to the conditions below. Renewals can be sought by applying to the Registration authorities (GNIB/INIS Registration Office as applicable) subject to the person meeting all the necessary qualifying criteria under this procedure.

Permission to enter the State as the De Facto Partner of an Irish National allows you to:

  • Work
  • Do voluntary work
  • Study
  • Travel abroad for short periods (e.g., holidays and attending conferences) and return to Ireland
  • Bring immediate family members (dependents) with you, meaning in this case minor children under 18 years of age (*This can be extended to a maximum age of 23 where the child is in full time education and remains dependent on the parent)

With this permission you cannot:

  • Bring any other family members, apart from those referred to above
  • Remain in Ireland under this permission if your Irish stops residing in the country
  • Retain your permission if your relationship ends
  • Rely on public funds/resources.

Am I eligible to apply as the De Facto Partner of an Irish National?

You may apply as a De Facto Partner of an Irish National if you:

  • are aged 18 or older
  • are a non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss citizen
  • are being sponsored by an Irish National
  • are of good character and good standing, e.g., you can provide a police clearance certificate or equivalent not more than 6 months old for any country you have resided in in the past fiveyears
  • are in a position to show dated documentary evidence of your relationship
  • have resided with your De Facto Partner for at least two years prior to your application
  • intend to live together permanently with your De Facto Partner in Ireland
  • have medical insurance from a company authorised by the Health Insurance Authority of Ireland to cover you and your dependent children (if applicable) in place on your arrival in the State for the entire duration of your stay in Ireland (further details below).

Who can sponsor me?

You must be invited to Ireland by an eligible sponsor. An eligible sponsor must:

  • be an Irish National
  • intend to be resident in the State and be self-sufficient, i.e. not on social welfare benefits and must be able to support the applicant and any dependents financially without recourse to Public Funds
  • not have sponsored (or have not been sponsored by) anyone else in the 7 year period prior to the preclearance/visa application
  • not have been completely or mainly reliant on benefits for a continuous period of two years or longer immediately prior to the application. Furthermore, they must have earned a gross income over and above any state benefits of the equivalent of not less than €40,000, over the three-year period prior to application. This figure will rise for Irish nationals seeking to be joined by multiple family
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