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UK Spouse Visas

Are you a UK resident with a spouse or partner seeking to join you? They might require a spouse visa allowing them to reside and work in the UK for five years, leading to Indefinite Leave to Remain. Our skilled immigration solicitors assist couples applying from within or outside the UK. We cater to those aspiring to settle here permanently and embrace the UK’s offerings. Our experts guide you through the required documents, enhancing your application’s success prospects. Our support extends beyond documentation preparation, encompassing personalized advice on spouse visa suitability. We explore alternative options like Ancestry, work, or student visas. If a Home Office rejection occurs, our team can appeal to the Immigration Tribunal. Connect with us at email: or through our online form for assistance.

Eligibility for a UK Spouse Visa:
To qualify, your partner must demonstrate:
– Your permanent UK residency, British citizenship, Indefinite Leave to Remain, or refugee status
– Minimum annual earnings of £18,600, verifiable through payslips or savings
– English language proficiency, proven via an accepted Home Office English test, university degree taught in English, or citizenship in an English-speaking nation
– Marriage or civil partnership, or two years’ cohabitation as unmarried partners
– A genuine relationship, supported by evidence
– Adequate accommodation, with landlord consent if renting

Applying for a Fiancé Visa or Other Options:

If not married or in a civil partnership, a fiancé visa could be an option. Our experts can advise on the most suitable visa for your circumstances.

Application Process:

Our immigration solicitors guide you in assembling necessary documents and formatting them for the UK Home Office. If applying for the first time from abroad, your partner can complete the online application, taking up to 12 weeks. Some countries offer a fast-track option at an additional cost for a five-day decision. Upon success, the partner receives a 33-month visa, extendable in the UK. After five years, Indefinite Leave to Remain can be pursued. Contact us to discuss your visa journey.

Why Choose Us?

With extensive experience, our immigration team facilitates reunification for couples and families in the UK. We offer tailored advice and support, striving for efficiency in application processing. Our approach ensures inclusion of non-EU national children in applications. We understand Home Office expectations and present applications professionally. Unfair rejections can be appealed promptly. For Brexit-related uncertainties, we guide EU nationals under the EU Settlement Scheme or explore other options for staying together in the UK.

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