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Irish Work Permit From Thailand

Get help with your Irish work permit if you are currently based in Thailand

Abbey Blue Legal is your go-to expert when it comes to securing an Irish work permit from Thailand. As specialists in international immigration law, we are committed to easing your journey from Thailand to Ireland, offering end-to-end assistance in obtaining your Irish work permit. Our dedicated team navigates the complexities of immigration procedures, providing unparalleled support to both skilled professionals and aspiring workers. With Abbey Blue Legal, your ambition of working in the Irish professional landscape becomes seamless and straightforward. Choose our tailored services, specifically designed for Thai nationals seeking Irish work permits, and take your first step towards a thriving career in Ireland with Abbey Blue Legal.

In general, non-EEA nationals must have an employment permit to work in Ireland. The Irish General Employment Permit is a job-offer-based work permit which allows immigrants to work in Ireland in a role that pays at least €30,000 per year; with some exceptions. Either the worker or the employer can apply for this visa.

Applications for jobs with annual pay of €27,000 are considered on an exceptional basis in the following cases:

  • A Non-EEA student who has recently graduated (in the last 12 months) Irish third-level institution, who has also been offered a graduate job from the Critical Skills Occupations List
  • Those applying for support and technical or a sales support role that requires a specialist language. The applicant must be fluent in a non-EEA language and the job must be for companies that are getting support from the State enterprise development agencies

However, the annual payment must be a minimum of €30,000 per year when renewing your permit.

Length of Stay

Ireland’s General Employment Permit is initially issued for 2 years and can be extended for another 3 years. After 5 years on any work permit, immigrants may apply for long-term residence in Ireland. You may also apply for exemption from the requirement to have an employment permit.

Job Offer

The migrant worker must have an existing job offer in Ireland to secure an Irish Work Permit from Thailand or before applying for this visa and must have all the appropriate skills, experience, and qualifications for the role. Either the worker or the employer can apply for this visa. If the employer applies, then they must plan to employ and pay the migrant worker directly, meaning employment agencies and the like cannot apply for a General Employment Permit. The employer must be trading in Ireland, registered with Revenue, and with the Companies Registration Office.

Companies that have more than 50% of their workers currently non-EEA will not be able to apply for General Employment permits for potential employees. If the company is a start-up or the applicant is the only employee, this requirement may be waived.

Labour Market Needs Test

Jobs offered to migrants through a General Employment Permit are subject to a Labour Market Needs Test, meaning they must normally be advertised to workers from within the European Economic Area before they can be offered to an immigrant.

The employer must advertise the vacancy for a minimum of 14 days on the Irish Department of Social Protection Employment Services/EURES employment network, for at least 3 days in a national newspaper, and at least 3 days in either a local newspaper or on an independent jobs website.

Labour Market Needs Test Exceptions

There are some exceptions to the Labour Market Needs Test rule. If the following conditions apply the job does not have to be advertised to European Economic Area nationals:

  • If the applicant previously held an Irish work permit and lost their job through redundancy
  • If the vacancy is for a job on Ireland’s Critical Skills Occupations List
  • If the applicant is recommended by Enterprise Ireland or IDA Ireland
  • If the vacancy is for a care role and the applicant has previously cared for the care recipient in question
  • If the vacancy is for a job that pays €60,000 per year or more

Further Information, Help, and Advice

Abbey Blue Legal LTD has over twenty years of experience helping people immigrate to countries all over the World. Whether you wish to visit, work, study, or do business in Ireland, our specialist team of immigration experts can help you with one-to-one advice, information, and representation when applying for your Irish visa or work permit.

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