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PPS Numbers

Understanding the Personal Public Service (PPS) Number

A PPS Number, comprised of seven digits followed by one or two letters, is a key identifier in Ireland that grants you access to social welfare benefits, public services, and information.

Guidelines for Obtaining a PPS Number
To obtain a PPS Number, you are required to furnish documentation for:
– Proving your identity
– Demonstrating the necessity for a PPS Number
– Verifying your residential address

Identity Verification:
For Irish citizens born in the Republic of Ireland:
– Birth certificate
– Photographic ID (e.g., passport, driving license)

For Irish citizens by naturalization or Foreign Birth Registration:
– Current passport or Certificate of Naturalisation / Foreign Birth Registration certificate
– Irish or UK driving license or Irish learner driving permit

For Irish citizens born in Northern Ireland or UK citizens:
– Current passport OR birth certificate showing mother’s birth surname
– Current driving license

For EU/EEA citizens (excluding Irish and UK):
– Current passport or national identity card

For Non-EU/EEA citizens:
– Current passport

The following are not accepted as proof of identity:
– Baptismal certificate
– Employment ID cards or personal letters
– Expired documents (passports expired within the last 12 months may be an exception for Irish and UK citizens)

Demonstrating the Need for a PPS Number:
If applying for a PPS Number for work, a signed employment offer on company letterhead with contact details and registration number is required. PPS Number is not mandatory for job seeking or receiving offers of employment. Other instances necessitating a PPS Number include social welfare applications, medical access, driver’s license exchange or application, public service access, and educational registration.

Address Verification:
To establish your address for the PPS Number application:
– Provide a document (not older than 3 months) displaying your name and address
– Accepted documents include utility bills, official letters, financial statements, property lease/tenancy agreement, or third-party confirmation (hotel/hostel manager, school principal, property owner)
– For those residing with friends or relatives, an original household bill along with a note from the bill holder confirming your residence at the address is acceptable, with the note written on the bill itself.

Please contact us for help with your PPSN

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