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Pre clearance for Ireland
Our State’s recently introduced Preclearance Policy caters to specific categories of non-EU nationals looking to establish residence. The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) has unveiled this innovative policy, designed to enhance clarity and streamline the immigration process for eligible applicants.
This fresh Preclearance Policy primarily benefits individuals in the following categories:
– De Facto Partners of Critical Skills Employment Permit Holders/Researchers on Hosting Agreements
– Lay Volunteers
– Ministers of Religion
– De Facto Partner of an Irish National
To initiate the process, individuals in these categories must complete a Preclearance Form (accessible via the provided links) and submit a €100 application fee. Once approved, applicants will receive a Preclearance Letter, valid for six months. In the event of non-utilization within the stipulated timeframe, a new application becomes necessary. In case of refusal, the applicant will receive a detailed explanation, and a single appeal opportunity is granted, requiring submission of additional supporting documents within six weeks of refusal.
For visa-required nationals, confirmation of Preclearance by INIS paves the way for applying for a D visa to reside in the State. Non-visa required nationals can gain entry by presenting their Preclearance Confirmation to immigration officials upon arrival, followed by registration of their immigration permission using the Preclearance Confirmation Letter.”
If you’re facing pre-clearance uncertainties about your current situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a consultation. We’re here to assist you.
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