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Understanding the Reactivation Employment Permit in Ireland
Are you looking to understand the Reactivation Employment Permit in Ireland? This unique permit offers a pathway for foreign nationals who have faced employment challenges to legally work in the country again. Here’s a detailed guide to help you grasp the concept and determine your eligibility.
What Is the Reactivation Employment Permit?
The Reactivation Employment Permit serves as a replacement for a specific class of Employment Permit applications previously routed through the Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland. It’s specifically designed to address situations where a foreign national, who initially entered Ireland on a valid Employment Permit, has fallen out of the system through no fault of their own or has experienced workplace exploitation. This permit allows them to regain legal employment status.
Who Can Apply for a Reactivation Employment Permit?
Both foreign nationals and employers have the opportunity to apply for a Reactivation Employment Permit. If granted, the permit is issued to the foreign national, with a certified copy sent to the employer. This authorization enables the foreign national to work in Ireland in the occupation and location specified on the permit.
Key Eligibility Criteria
– Previous Employment Permit Holder: If you held an employment permit but fell out of the system through no fault of your own and remained in Ireland, you may be eligible.
– Low Skilled Work Permit Holder: Current Work Permit Employment Permit holders in low-skilled, low-paid positions seeking to change employers may qualify.
– Spousal/Dependant Permit Holders: Spousal/Dependant Employment Permit holders facing changes in their circumstances may apply.
– Redundancy: If you hold a Reactivation Employment Permit and are made redundant, you have six months to seek a new position and apply for a new permit.
– Change of Employer: You can apply if you wish to change your employer, with certain conditions.
Limitations on Eligibility
You may not be eligible for a Reactivation Employment Permit if you fall into one of the following categories:
– Prior Scheme Participation: If you’ve previously availed of the scheme, you may not be eligible unless there are exceptional circumstances beyond your control.
– Green Card/Critical Skills or Work Permit Holder Post-2014 Redundancy: Certain categories of employment permit holders made redundant after October 1, 2014, have alternative provisions under the Employment Permits (Amendment) Act 2014.
– Student or Visitor Entry: If you entered Ireland as a student or visitor and never held an Employment Permit, this permit may not be applicable to you.
– Expired Temporary Permits: If you held specific temporary or non-renewable permits and remained in Ireland after their expiry, you might not be eligible.
– Change of Immigration Status: If you had an Employment Permit and Stamp 1 residence permission but changed your immigration status, you may not qualify.
The Reactivation Employment Permit is a vital tool in ensuring foreign nationals who have faced employment challenges in Ireland can regain legal work status. Understanding the eligibility criteria and limitations is crucial when considering this option. If you believe you meet the criteria, it’s advisable to initiate the application process through the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD). This permit can provide a valuable opportunity to reestablish your legal immigration and employment status in Ireland.
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